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What are the Jeep 4xe Driving Modes? | Perkins Motors

The Jeep lineup has always been known for its resilience and ruggedness on the open roads, and the lineup now offers two plug-in electric hybrid (or PHEV) models for an eco-friendly twist on an old favorite. The Jeep Wrangler 4xe and the Grand Cherokee 4xe are not only stylish and powerful, but also versatile with three Jeep 4xe driving modes to explore:

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  • Electric Mode: Your Jeep will solely use the electric range from the battery.
  • Hybrid Mode: This mode combines the power of the battery and combustion engine.
  • eSave Mode: When your battery level is low, Jeep 4xe eSave Mode uses only the engine.

Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode

The Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode combines the power of both your engine and battery. This gives you the best of both worlds. You’ll get a serious fuel boost from the battery range, but also the security of the gas engine. If your battery runs out during your Pueblo drive, your vehicle will automatically switch to gas-only – or Jeep 4xe eSave Mode. So, how far can you go in Hybrid Mode? The Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode reaches 49 miles per gallon/kilowatt.

Jeep 4xe Electric Mode

The Jeep 4xe driving modes also give you the advantage of an EV with Electric Mode. In this driving mode, you can navigate Woodland Park on pure electricity. So not only will you avoid burning any gasoline, but you’ll also avoid producing any tailpipe emissions in the process! Jeep 4xe models can drive for up to 21 miles in Electric Mode.

Jeep 4xe eSave Mode

Finally, what about the Jeep 4xe in eSave Mode? eSave Mode uses the power of the engine alone. This mode is essential if you run out of battery power in Electric Mode, because it provides a valuable lifeline on the Woodland Park roads. You can also flip into eSave Mode if you want to conserve your battery power for later, so you can plan your charging more strategically. When driving the Jeep 4xe in eSave Mode, gas mileage is 20 MPG.

Jeep 4xe Regenerative Braking Technology

Jeep 4xe hybrid models also offer the innovative Regenerative Braking technology. This unique feature allows you to recharge your battery slightly while decelerating or braking. And best of all, your car takes care of everything for you. Just drive as normal around Castle Rock, and watch those fuel economy figures go up and up.

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